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Tooth Extractions Upper East Side

While the goal of most dental professionals is to save and restore a patient’s natural teeth whenever possible, sometimes complications make removing the tooth a better solution. Whether wisdom teeth are the cause of your issues or decay has damaged primary teeth beyond restoration, extraction can put you on the path to a healthier smile.

At Dental Ambitions, Dr. Jae Byun performs tooth extractions for his patients in Upper East Side Manhattan. If you have tooth pain, give our office a call to set up a consultation today.

Preparing for Your Treatment

We start your treatment process by educating you about the procedure. This alleviates any anxiousness and helps build your trust in our abilities. First, we take digital x-rays for greater insight into your dental health, allowing us to spot anything that may affect treatment.

Should patients request sedation, we have options available to promote a pleasant experience. At the same time, Dr. Byun takes pride in his ability to effectively administer local anesthesia. In fact, most of our patients find he does such an effective job, there isn’t a need for nitrous or IV sedation. 

Types of Extractions We Perform

Impacted wisdom teeth start causing complications and discomfort for many in their teens and early twenties. Most of the time, dental professionals extract these third molars to help alleviate pain and avoid further complications. Whether a simple or complex extraction, either Dr. Byun or our visiting periodontist perform these procedures right in our office.

We also extract teeth for patients needing dental implants placed. Extraction may be necessary to address decay that threatens the dental structure as well as create space for dental implant placement.

In many cases, we place your dental implant on the same day as your extraction, allowing you to leave your visit with improved comfort and stability.

There are other circumstances when extraction may be necessary. Removing a tooth from a significantly crowded or misaligned smile can create more space for to the teeth to align properly. Additionally, extraction may be needed for patients experiencing dental emergencies. 

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Dr. Byun and our dedicated staff feel it’s important to take an educational approach with our patients. When our patients have us perform their tooth extraction in Manhattan, they leave our office free of discomfort and feeling confident in their care. For more information on extractions in the Upper East Side and surrounding communities, schedule an appointment at Dental Ambitions today. 


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